The Ilani Resort Casino Needs You

Myriad of problems beset the owners of the Ilani Resort Casino, but I have no time for their bullshit excuses or for the light punishment they’ve meted out on their own employees. Rather, I focus on the most serious crimes of which the company owners and top executives are guilty, and, in my opinion, the greatest injustice of them all is their mistreatment of the recently fired employees who have performed so well during the last few months.

The more-powerful top executives of the casino are in the forefront of the story. The man in charge of the case, Allen Sellers, is the former president of the Oceanic Casino Corporation. He’s also been involved in legal suits against the same company that owns the hotel. One of these lawsuits involved allegations that he was involved in bribes and sexual harassment.

Former employees describe being pressured to sign confidentiality agreements. They were afraid to speak up at any level of the management. However, one of them, Harry Glover, went public with his grievances and received a huge pay raise to get out of the position before the company ousted him in a hasty firing.

In one episode, Harry Glover came down to the casino floor to ask his boss about his huge wage increase. The boss told him it wasn’t worth mentioning at all. “Why should I even bother?” he was asked.

One of the top executives at the casino, Donald Perrin, has repeatedly lied about his compensation. He claimed that he made nearly a million dollars when in fact, he made less than a hundred thousand. Now he’s making the highest-paid executive salary in the company history.

This is a company with a so-called Management Team. Yet, when these executives came under fire from their own bosses, they were strangely quiet about it. Perhaps they’ve just learned the importance of never piss off the owners or executives.

Attendance at their free public lectures is no longer an option for them. Instead, they’re doing it over the Internet and offering little information about what they actually do.

The bottom line is this: The casino executives will protect themselves when it comes to protecting their profits. How can you trust them with your hard-earned money? Shouldn’t you keep a closer eye on your casino profits and salaries?