The Downtown of the Ilani Casino Hotel

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The Downtown of the Ilani Casino Hotel

As the new casino hotel is being built, I wanted to see first hand how they are treating the guests and how happy they are in the new hotel. I want to share my experience here to hopefully help other people too. The fact is the guests are very happy in the new hotel and no complaints are registered.

First of all the “Downtown” of the Ilani Casino Hotel is spectacular. The quality of the pool area, the gym and the gardens are stunning. The Las Vegas Strip also makes an appearance but its not as impressive as the other parts of the resort.

There are also different sports activities available for guests such as golfing, tennis and even croquet. This means that guests do not have to be on a special diet to lose weight. They can enjoy the Vegas lifestyle while still staying fit.

The food is the best choice at the “Downtown” of the Ilani Casino Hotel. It’s a special buffet style dinner where the chef provides a mouth-watering selection of various items. Guests can choose their food according to their taste and budget.

They don’t need to worry about getting enough nutrition as their accommodation does all the cooking for them. The rooms have every necessary facility available for the guests. So they can relax in the middle of the night with an alarm clock that keeps ringing even if they are already in bed.

Guests should check into the hotel from around two o’clock. Once there, they can feel comfortable at their own luxury hotel rooms. It is their pleasure to stay in a place like this.

As the other hotels are being constructed so they are also adjusting to the needs of the guests. They are giving discounts to attract more people to stay at the resort. These discount offers for certain things are also available.

Some people believe that once they visit the “Downtown” of the Ilani Casino Hotel they will never be able to leave. This is the same way of a hotel that does not give any service and they also have a lot of complaints about the treatment given to the guests. But the guests are very satisfied at the resort and it is one of the best ones in the Philippines.