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The Ilani Resort Casino and Spa are located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. This casino has four separate areas that offer a variety of services. The Ilani Beach Club offers a lap pool, sunbath, and a spa. The El Rancho, which is a private club, offers a great deal to its visitors, with a variety of restaurants, spas, and events for every type of leisure time.

ilani resort casino

The La Ribera is the private club area of the club. The Club is home to more than one hundred and fifty members and offers everything from poker and blackjack to video games, and many other casino entertainment options to its members. There is even an exclusive lounge in the Club that can be rented out for private parties or gatherings.

The Club also has its own casino. It offers a variety of casino games including roulette and slots. There are also high stakes poker tournaments held on the weekends and at the end of the month. In addition to the casino, the club also offers a bar and lounge.

The Club is open on Wednesdays, Friday, and Saturday, from noon to midnight. There are also live bands and DJ music to keep patrons dancing all night. The Club is open twenty-four hours a day on Sunday.

For those who wish to play casino games outside, there are many restaurants and bars on the Club. A full service restaurant, the La Cala Restaurant offers fresh seafood, and specialty pizzas. There is also a twenty-four hour pizza oven, which offers hand crafted pizza for every occasion.

Those who prefer to have a nightlife on Oahu should consider the Club. The Club hosts weekly karaoke nights and other fun activities. There is also a bar and lounge located on the Club. The Club is located on Pahu, one block north of the main beach.

The Island of Oahu has many other fine resorts as well. The Makakilo and Waikiki are just a few of the many resorts that are available to its residents. The Waiakea and the Kailua are also a few of the best resorts on Oahu. The Waiakea is located on Waikiki Beach and is considered to be the finest beach on the Island.

The Waiakea is situated right on the water, but does not allow gambling on land. The Waiakea has several restaurants and bars for its visitors to enjoy. The Waiakea was once an old fishing village that was turned into a resort for tourists. The Kailua is a five star hotel resort, and spa with a variety of luxurious suites that will make the most discerning of travelers feel pampered.

Both of these hotels are only two hours away from the main island and offer all of the excitement that one would expect from a top notch resort. Both of these resorts are affordable and offer all of the comfort and luxury of the best in Honolulu. For an inexpensive vacation, Oahu is a great choice.