Does Ilani Casino Hotel Has a Hotel Solution?

It’s been nearly a year since the news broke that Hawaiian Airlines would be closing their many Orlando flights and moving them to Hawaii where they will fly direct to Honolulu. This news has caused a massive decrease in business for the Magic Kingdom as well as a massive decrease in hotel room bookings to Disney World. Does Ilani Casino Hotel in Oahu has a way to fill this void?

My first question about the situation with Ilani Casino Hotel in Oahu is does it really have a solution? I know that Disney did not anticipate the drop in business from Oahu airlines and didn’t plan for it. However, it seems that Disney just let the situation slide, hoping that it wouldn’t come to that.

Another question I have is if there is any other business that has stepped up to fill the gap in business. Will Hawaii residents be traveling to Oahu to gamble? This could cause a major exodus of residents who are already there and live on Oahu. With that, will they be returning to the States?

There has been no confirmation that Ilani isn’t open to casino gambling. It’s not a great look when you don’t even bother to tell anyone about the closure of your airline, but, again, there hasn’t been any word from Disney about this, at least publicly.

Does Ilani Casino Hotel in Oahu has a solution? Well, the answer to that question is going to be decided in the next couple of months, which may not include adding another hotel room. The Ilani Hotel can put its sights on buying an existing hotel that is left vacant by Disney and using it as a new casino hotel.

Even though the Hawaii Gaming Commission will still need to approve the deal, the owners of the Ilani Hotel believe that it will work out fine and they can get a lot of bang for their buck. Of course, if there is no one to buy the old hotel and no plans made to move to an alternative hotel that is needed to fill the void, then the Ilani Hotel may need to take the loss.

As long as a solution is found for the Ilani Hotel, I would hope that the situation will not turn into a problem for either Disney or the Honolulu community. It really comes down to a question of whether the Ilani Hotel will continue to treat the situation with kid gloves or throw some elbows.

Does Ilani Casino Hotel in Oahu has a solution? Yes, they are trying to find one, but it appears that they will probably have to go to the racetrack in order to do so. For now, the Ilani Hotel will have to wait and see what happens in order to determine what the final result of this situation will be.