A Guide to Ilani Casino Hotel Rooms

The Ilani Casino Resort is an all-suite casino operated by the Cowlitz Native American Tribal Society and situated near Lake Chelan, Washington. The casino first opened in April of 2020 after more than four years of legal wrangling over the tribes’ right to build a reservation on the land surrounding the casino. The U.S. Federal court ruled that the reservation was against the wishes of the native peoples of the area and prohibited it from going ahead.

ilani casino hotel rooms

The resort is offering a variety of hotel rooms for your enjoyment. The two-story atrium hotel has a casino floor and a guest suite with a private pool. A family hotel offers suites and a lounge with a restaurant for dinner service. There is also a suite which is located on the ground floor of the main casino.

There are also many different rooms and suites to choose from. All of the hotels offer a breakfast served daily from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m., and lunch offered every day until 3 p.m. You can enjoy complimentary coffee and tea, which are served daily. Some of the suites feature separate swimming pools, while others may have an in-room fitness center and a bar area with live music.

You can find the rooms for rent in any room that you select. You do not need to make reservations to stay in one of the Ilani casino hotel rooms, which makes them available to a wide range of visitors. You can book your rooms through the online reservation system of the resort or through the hotel directly. Make sure you choose to reserve your rooms well in advance if you want to avoid long lines at the hotel. If you are staying at the guest suites, they are usually available for pick up in advance of the arrival of your guests.

There are some common areas to search for your rooms. Some hotels have a lobby desk to give you an easy time in checking out your options, while some are located on the outside of the casino. Some rooms even have a room service counter that you can check your reservation in at.

The Ilani Casino Hotel is one of the best casino hotels in Washington State, and the second largest casino-hotel complex in the area. The resort has many amenities and services for its guests. It is also home to an exciting array of activities such as a nine racetrack, seven casinos, and a five-star spa.